Dominion All
Creations The Valley, The Trench, Arborias
Nicknames He Who Creates
Age 7777777777777777
Hazen is the creator of all Planes of Exist. He is the original major god. 

Creation of the Planes of ExistEdit

In the beginning there was nothing, and from this formed Hazen, He Who Creates. He created The Valley on the first day, and Arborias, Tree of the Doomed on the second, as well as The Trench. On the next three days, from The Valley, came all, including the dutiful thrulls, the first people, and his only true son, Nico.

It was said that every 7, Hazen’s pores open, water comes out of all pores and forms into another Hazen. The original Hazen, Creator of all, is then swallowed by the newly formed. 

Reincarnation #4Edit

On His 4th reincarnation, Hazen was born unto the city of Perth, and was found and adopted by Ronald Reagan, noted Beyblade champion. After moving to Shicago when He was 5, He began to develop skill in the art of Beyblade himself, and became a local champion, using the gear left for Him by Reagan. When He was 10, He was arrested in the middle of a Beyblade duel with the Plaid Trenchcoat Guy in an underground warehouse, as Beyblading is illegal in Illinois. 

During this incarnation, Hazen was known to don: 

  • 1 neon purple trenchcoat
  • 1 Hawaiian shirt
  • 1 Scarf
  • 1 Bandana
  • A neon blue Pompadour
  • 3 Belts
  • 1 pair of Combat Boots
  • A Jaden Smith tattoo